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Over the last 30+ years I have often used the camera as my conduit with the world, my way of connecting while remaining separate. My images have usually had intensely personal meaning, except for one rather bizarre departure into wedding photography that didn’t last long.

Today I am interested in the marginalized. In Hope is the Thing with Feathers, my birds are often objects of discomfort for some because they are dead, and I found them along the side of roads. For me, photographing them is my tribute, my altar, to their presence in our lives. My Cancer Chronicles series documents the 18-month journey from my husband’s diagnosis of pancreatic cancer to his death. My series Light and Time illustrates the old, abandoned places I like to photograph. And a new series entitled The Seven Deadly Sins of Climate Change is about the human causes of climate change, the disregard of the natural world, and how human behaviors continue to contribute to the earth’s environmental decline.

The images below are taken from four different portfolios on my website and can be seen in their entirety at www.wendydenton.net


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Contact: wendydenton@sti.net • 408 655-0758 • www.wendydenton.net

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  1. Paula Spear
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    A pleasure to meet you at Colette’s the other eve and learn what we had in common. Will watch for your exhibits.

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