Marcia studied at Long Beach University in California to become an art teacher.  She was side tracked from school by an opportunity to play music with a show group traveling throughout Canada.  Marcia is a  talented, seasoned, professional musician who has performed in every state except three!  She sings like Karen Carpenter, plays drums like Buddy Rich, piano, sax, clarinet and banjo.  She is known up in the Yosemite area as the drummer/piano player in the Kit ‘n Kaboodle duo.

Marcia has attended various art workshops.  Her mentors have been Mark Gudmussen, (master painter of Yosemite National Park) Craig Nelson, the director of fine art at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and Annamarie Nelson, the fine art coordinator of online education at the same university.

Marcia is a member of the Yosemite Western Artist’s in California.  Her paintings have been in various galleries such as the Thomas Kincade Masters Gallery, Mullins Studio, Williams Gallery West, Mona Jeans Art Studio, Sunnyvale Gallery and Sierra Artist’s Gallery, etc.

Marcia’s earlier works were sold by many interior decorators in the Newport Beach and Southern California areas.  Her vibrant colors, use of lights and darks make her paintings dramatic.  Enjoy the passion in Marcia’s paintings!



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© 2016 Marcia Weimer

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  1. Cheryl Molinet
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    Marcia, just looking in Facebook and found you name. Don’t know if you remember me but I wanted to thank you for the support you gave me in the 70’s when my dad was killed. In the past year my sister died and it has caused me to reflect on the people in my life that have helped me through low times. Wishing you well and happiness.

    Swabby as you used to call me.
    Cheryl Molinet

    Your art is awesome.

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