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Gina Mims was an art major in college and makes a career as a brand strategist and graphic designer. She enjoys her work but loves to step away from the computer and get tactile with her paints. She works in Acrylic as well as Mixed Media and has a passion for colors and the way they work together. Similar to branding she feels it is important to have your art tell a story whether that be visually or just a mood it conveys.

Originally from Orange County, CA Gina along with her husband (also an art major) in September of 2013 relocated to Ahwahnee, California. After taking a long break from painting, she finds the mountains as well as the artist community inspiring and appreciates the ability to be creative again. As a member of Yosemite Western Artists, she is the Communications Chair and is in charge of the newsletter and brand awareness of the group. She participates in YWA’s Plein Air outings and Artist Demos and welcomes painting in her studio every chance she gets.

Gina is currently working on a series of new collages incorporating her branding, photography and design elements into spontaneous mood paintings that reflect peoples personalities.




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