About Yosemite Western Artists

Gertrude Schoolhouse in Ahwahnee – YWA meeting center since 1969. (Painting by member Vicki Thomas.)




Yosemite Western Artists is an association of artists and art patrons dedicated to promoting the visual arts in the western Yosemite area and foothills.


YWA has been offering art workshops, demos and social gatherings for painters and photographers since 1969. We encourage “the practice of craft” to enhance the enjoyment and skill of artists of all mediums.


We invite you to join us for the camaraderie and support of fellow artists.



Yosemite Western Artists

PO Box 838, Oakhurst, CA 93644

Phone (559) 580-1021

E-mail: info@yosemitewesternartists.com



2017-2018 Elected Officers
President  Kerby Smith 559-683-3060 ywaprez@gmail.com
Vice President Gina Mims 949-433-0728 gina@inspirobrands.com
V.P. Education Wendy Denton 408-655-0758 wendydenton@sti.net
Membership Darlene Jaeger 559-760-1058 darlenejaeger@hotmail.com
Secretary Carla Rajnus 971-235-8000 carlarajnus@gmail.com
Treasurer Norma Rogers 559-642-7485 jnrogers@sti.net
Communications Gina Mims 949-433-0728 gina@inspirobrands.com
Social Media Trowzers Akimbo 559-658-2663 trowzers@billsbook.com
Past President Sandee Scott  559-760-1058 sandeescott@gmail.com
Committee Chairpersons
Social Media Chair Trowzers Akimbo 559-658-2663 trowzers@billsbook.com
Webmaster Trowzers Akimbo 559-658-2663 trowzers@billsbook.com
Plein-Air Chair Suzanne Banks 559-683-0729 suzb@sti.net
Photo/Digital Chair David Hoffman 209-966-2155 david@dhoffmanphotography.com
Friday Live Models Chair Vicki Thomas 209-966-2071 vickithomas@sti.net
USB Venue Chair Juanita Smith 209-742-7503 jmay@sti.net
Visitor’s Center Venue Chair Suzanne Banks 559-683-0729 suzb@sti.net
Gertrude Operations Chair Doug Boomer 559-642-3648 dboomer@sti.net
Gertrude Supplies Chair Phyllis McAdams 559 658 2142 Phyllismc@sti.net