Facelift for Member Artist Gallery

Facelift for Member Artist Gallery

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Suzanne Banks Bio Image
Artist’s bio on their gallery page

We’ve just completed a revision of our YWA Artist Gallery, for those of you who’ve already signed up and been hosted on the same and for any of you out there who’ve been considering taking advantage of this opportunity in the future. Participation in the gallery, on our current site, is secured through a one time fee of $20.

The new Gallery landing page now features a strip representing each artist that includes a small photo portrait and several thumbnail samples of their work. The strip offers a broader portfolio overview and connects the actual creator with their work.

Clicking on either the artist’s name or the portfolio strip takes the visitor to that artist’s gallery.

We’ve moved artist bios up top, to quickly introduce visitors to the creative individual who’s work they’ve come to review.

Thumbnail Gallery Image
Larger thumbnail gallery & contact information

A larger thumbnail gallery quickly represents all the work in the portfolio. Clicking on a thumbnail brings up a an overlay window with a full size version of the work (which has been limited to approximately 5″ x 7″ to discourage unauthorized reproduction). Here, in the overlay window, visitors have the ability to navigate through the entire portfolio, at full size. Clicking off the overlay window or on the Close X button in the upper right corner of the window, returns the visitor to the gallery page, with it’s thumbnail gallery.

Gallery Overlay Window Image
Gallery overlay window

Contact information, links and personal copyright notices have been located at the bottom of the thumbnail galleries, on each artist page, for easy, consistent locating by visitors, no matter which artist’s gallery they are reviewing.

All information represented in the old version of the Galleries has been included in this new version. This revision was executed free of charge to all current Artist’s Gallery subscribers.


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  1. Sandee Scott
    | Reply

    I’ve thanked you in other arenas, but here’s a public “THANK YOU.” The pages look absolutely great. One update for readers of this blog — the original portfolio page for YWA members is now free, although for an update or overhaul, YWA asks for $20.

  2. Trowzers Akimbo
    | Reply

    Thank you, Sandee, happy to help where I can. Sorry I didn’t see your comment until now. WordPress usually informs me, when a comment has been made to allow me to respond, but found this one accidentally.

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