YWA and Sierra Art Trails?

YWA and Sierra Art Trails?

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In preparing for my Sierra Art Trails (SAT) open studio this year, it occurred to me that YWA is missing out on a huge opportunity to promote community awareness and possibly the biggest art sales event of the year. There are never more art lovers out and about, both from within the Tri-CountiesĀ and out of town, than during theĀ Sierra Art Trails 3 day weekend. There isn’t any bigger paid promotion of art in the area than the campaign SAT puts on, with a presence on commercial radio, public radio and television among the other traditional marketing avenues.


Why is YWA not taking advantage of this opportunity?

I’m sure we can work out an organization price with Jon Bock for the event and depending on our fee could offer a free opportunity to one or more members to present their artwork during the event, with the caveat that they man the Gertrude Schoolhouse during the 3 days and promote our organization. In addition to these members showing their work, we could include one or more pieces of art from each of the other members, that they’re willing to sell (with YWA taking a small 25% commission on each piece sold) to show all that we do.

There’ll never be more art buyers up in the foothills cruising through the Tri-Counties and the Gertrude Schoolhouse is right along the main thoroughfare. We should strongly consider participating next year!

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    That’s a good idea worth following up on.

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    All YWA artists who are participating Sierra Art Trail artists are encouraged to have YWA brochures on hand and to let other artists (and art appreciators/patrons) know that we welcome new members. If in need of brochures, stop by Timberline Gallery and pick some up. A bunch more will be left there the afternoon of 9/21.

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