Discovered a New Yosemite Bridge Today

Discovered a New Yosemite Bridge Today

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It’s new to me anyway!

So, I was up in the park, doing a final scout and rate tour of the valley in preparation for the plein air workshops I’ll be leading out of the Yosemite Art Center next week (August 29 September 3. Info at: While getting as far back as possible from the Ahwahnee Grand Hotel…excuse me, the now poorly named Majestic Hotel, I noticed a paved road. I traveled up to it to see where it led and noticed a stone bridge to my left, the Ahwahnee Bridge. You’re unlikely to come upon it unless you’re traveling the valley on bicycle, as the two way road that crosses the bridge is pedestrian and bicycle traffic only (possible also the occasional golf cart park utility vehicle, as well).

It a beautiful 3 arch stone bridge (one arch is covered by the tree on the right in the photo) covered with stains and lichens. This ones definitely going on the list of locations next week!

If you knew this bridge was there, please tell me so in a comment. I’m always happy to learn how little I know about Yosemite. Understanding what we don’t know is the first step in expanding our knowledge.

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