November 2015 Member Of The Month Doug Boomer

November 2015 Member Of The Month Doug Boomer

Hearty congratulations go to Doug Boomer, who was voted Yosemite Western Artists Member of the Month for November 2015!

Doug MOM

Doug is a longtime member of YWA and has been an incredibly active member throughout his tenure.

Boomer was one of the founders of the popular Gertrude School, Live Model Painting Sessions.  These sessions have been going strong for about ten years, and we are happy to report that Doug is still a very integral part of the group.

Doug also heads the YWA Operations Committee, and makes sure everything is running as it should over at The Gertrude.  If there’s a thing that needs fixing, Doug has it covered.  If he doesn’t have a part, he’ll invent one! He continually comes up with incredibly creative solutions to all that arises out at The Gertrude.

He quietly cares for the 100 + year-old school as if it were his own home. Week after week, folks show up and create in comfort because Doug has taken care of things behind the scenes.

Thank you so much for your cheerful dedication to our organization, Doug!  YWA truly appreciates you, and all you do!



Doug Boomer
Doug Boomer

About Doug

Mr. Boomer was born and raised in California. During his youth he grew up on a farm in the San Joaquin Valley. Since 1964, he and his wife Barbara have lived in the Bass Lake, Ca. area. When he was about eight years old he was inspired by an uncle who was painting portraits and various figures. He was also inspired by many artists he saw at art shows during the 1970’s and 80”s, including his two brothers.

He started studying formally with other artists during the 1990’s. He has taken workshops from Donald “Putt” Putman, Joe Bohler, and Richard Gomez. He has taken painting classes from Gary Langdon, Mary Jane Campbell Mann, Jane Brumley, Carlene Kostiw, and Jerome Grimmer.

Painting primarily in watercolors and acrylics, he tries to express the subject in such a way that the viewer has an emotional response. Whether the subject is a figure, a flower, an animal, or a landscape, he wants to capture the spirit of the subject with light, mood, or motion. He is searching for an emotion, a story that tells of something greater than the subject itself.

He has shown his work in various judged shows, winning “Best of Show”, “First Place”, and other awards. Mr. Boomer is a member of “Yosemite Western Artists” and the “Clovis Art Guild”.


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  1. Sandee Scott
    | Reply

    Congratulations. Well deserved honor. Thank you for all you’ve done, for all you do!

  2. Jody Jett Hutchens
    | Reply

    Doug is a Great
    guy to every one he meets. He is a kind and gentle person. He sure makes a great friend. He deserves the honor .

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