October 2015 Member of the Month: Larry Potter

October 2015 Member of the Month: Larry Potter

Hearty congratulations go to Larry Potter, who was voted our first

Yosemite Western Artists Member of the Month!

YWA Member of the Month: Larry Potter


For many years Larry Potter, has been a tremendous force behind the Live Model sessions at the Gertrude School.

Larry was always the first to come, and the last to leave. He’d make sure the stove was lit, the coffee was on and the lighting was just right.

Larry also recruited the models for our live sessions. Now that’s a demanding job! We require over 40 models a year, yet Larry never complained about last-minute cancellations or other problems. He simply did whatever was necessary to make sure we were always covered.

Larry also kept the books for the model fees, and took care of paying the models at the end of each session.

A generous soul, Larry has offered encouragement to all who have attended the sessions, and he’s even shared his studio with all of us for life-drawing events.

Thank you Larry Potter! The Yosemite Western Artists are so grateful for all you are, and all you have done.


Larry Potter Painting at The Gertrude
Larry Potter Painting at The Gertrude









Larry Potter Biography


Larry Potter

The Sierra Foothills have been home to Larry Potter for the past 43 years. He was drawn to the beauty and peaceful atmosphere of the area.

Art has been an instrumental part of Larry’s personal and professional life. Over the past many years Larry has taken art classes through Merced College, including life drawing and workshops to advance his artistic talents. He specializes in oils, pastels, and pen and ink. Larry has received many awards for his efforts. Larry has been a part of the Yosemite Western Artists for the past 5 to 6 years, mostly participating in the Friday Portrait Group. He generally paints what touches him in some way, lately getting great pleasure in creating portraits of his grandchildren.

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