Minutes: YWA Retreat 6/20/15

Minutes: YWA Retreat 6/20/15

YWA Retreat
June 20th, 2015
Held at Sandee Scott’s home, YLP

Into the High Country by Sandra Lee Scott
Into the High Country by Sandee Scott



Meeting started at approx. 9:25. Each artist introduced themselves and gave a quick bio.
Present were: Sandee Scott, Jeanne M. MacDonald, Mary Beth Harrison, Shannon Grissom, Darlene Jaeger, Gina Mims, Vicki Thomas, Lori Ann Cole, Norma Rodgers.
Jeanne MacDonald volunteered her home in Mariposa for meetings, in the event that Gertrude Schoolhouse would not be available to YWA.
Norma Rodgers went over treasurers duties. It was discussed that Quicken Books program is cheaper and easier to use than Quick Books. Norma said she would investigate further options.
By-laws were discussed. Lori Ann Cole had a copy of 2009 By-laws, which appeared to be the most current. Vicki Thomas requested a copy so she could go over the changes and update. The changes will be brought up at Sept. board meeting, if not before (a follow-up retreat TBA).
New Officers 2015/2016:
Shannon Grissom volunteered to be our new president
Sandee Scott volunteered to be VP1. She is also membership chairman for 2015/16.
VP2-Jack Lantz
Secretary-Vicki Thomas
Treasurer-Norma Rogers
To encourage membership renewal in January, 2016, it was discussed to have a drawing for gift certificates from Allard’s Art Store, Fresno, with a $50-$100 total.
Lori Ann Cole brought up the subject of the YWA participating in the Sept 12th Kiwanis Club Car Show at the Mountain Community Center, Oakhurst. A member noted that we have another event on that Saturday, and so we will not be entering the show.
A member discussed charging a nominal fee for artists to join YWA’s plein air group each month. Vicki Thomas stated that the charge would be difficult to monitor and that YWA’s purpose was to promote art/artists in our region, as well as to recruit new members. Those present agreed.
Sandee Scott suggested that willing artists donate from 2-4 (stamped) art cards to send to new members. Give these to Sandee at our next retreat, TBA.
Gina Mims will design YWA’s new brochure. She will also publish 12 newsletters a year with the help of Lori Ann Cole and, to a lesser extent, Shannon Grissom. I didn’t think I was involved in the newsletter. Only the site…
Gina Mims will get the web site template to Lori Cole. Lori will upload it to our server and get it hosted. Once that is complete, Gina Mims and Shannon Grissom will complete the site. Target date for completion is by the September meeting..
Members are encouraged to send in articles and news to Gina Mims to be published in our newsletter. Plan on sending class information, links and useful resources. The due date is BY the 15th of each month. (or was it the 1st of each month?) Photos may also be submitted. Due date is 15
Every artist who has paid for a page will have their own page on YWA web. Gina will prepare a form to fill out for your bio and it should be easy to navigate. There will probably be a headshot and about 5 of your paintings.
It was discussed to mix up the demonstrators in order to reach a wider audience. Give me a couple of examples, so we can guide Jack Lantz. Examples: sculpting, Painting, Assemblage, Textile, Social Media
It was suggested to feature a Call for Interest in workshop events in our monthly newsletter. An example might be for sculpture, or one of our demonstrators who would be willing to do a 2-3 day workshop. It was suggested that we form a committee to bring this to fruition.
New chairs were discussed. Laura Fisher was to look into ordering more comfortable and better looking chairs to be purchased on-line or at Costco for $15/16. We figured about 20 chairs would be adequate. Gina Mims suggested the shipment be sent to her house and she would deliver them to Gertrude. Disposal of old chairs will be handled when the time comes.
There is no Affordable Art Sale planned for the year. Possibly an exchange of art supplies event could be in the future. No decision was made.
Gina Mims made the motion to increase the demonstrator’s fee to $150. Paying mileage was discussed, but it was decided to take it as case-by-case situation. Vicki Thomas seconded the motion. A member suggested we hold a raffle at each meeting to offset the cost of the increased demo expense. It was discussed that members could donate items or we could have the demonstrator donate an item.
The members discussed collaboration with other art groups/associations as well as joining art councils in surrounding areas, in order to expand our influence and utilize the efforts of others to advance art and artists. Places to contact:
Chamber of Commerce =$150
Mariposa Arts Council=$150
Eastern Madera Chamber of Commerce
Coarsegold Chamber
Northfork Chamber

It was discussed that Chambers were not necessarily a good use of our resources, but neighboring arts councils were a good idea.

The Visitors Bureau is moving to where Miller’s Mountain Sports was located. This should be a much better location.
We discussed water usage from our neighbor, Bryan. Doug Boomer has utilized this water
for 300 gal for $50. We thought we should get additional quotes from suppliers.

Respectfully Submitted:
Vicki D. Thomas

Norma will get with Shannon and get her name on the bank accounts.

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